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Putting Your House on the Market? Make It Irresistible at First Glance

As cliché as it sounds, first impressions really matter when trying to sell a home.

And with hundreds of other properties on the market, you know that the competition is stiff and unless you do something to improve your home, it would have lesser chances of getting noticed.

If you look at these 15 home makeovers, you’ll see how increasing kerb appeal can really do a lot in making a property more attractive to buyers. So, if your house has been on the market for some time now but you’re still not getting any calls from potential buyers, here are some tips that you might want to follow:


Get it cleaned up

When was the last time you had professionals clean your garage? Has your lawn turned into a mini jungle? Are your things invading your front or backyard? If so, it’s time for a good clean-up. Buyers hate clutter and you wouldn’t want to let them see any eye sore once they enter your property, so it’s very important to clean your property well.

Aside from hiring professionals to power wash your garage, deck or driveway, you also need to get rid of anything that doesn’t have a place in your house anymore. Put these things in storage or sell them so you can raise money.


Dress up your doors and windows

You might not realise it but your doors and windows play a huge part in the look of your property. So, if they already look very outdated, it’s about time to have them replaced with new ones. Let us at Phillips Joinery Ltd help you with this job. You just have to consult your needs to us and we’ll give you options to fit your property perfectly. Aside from replacing your doors and windows, you can also dress them up with treatments such as shutters, window boxes and even interesting paint colours.


Glam it up with the right features

Who doesn’t want to walk in a driveway with dramatic lights? Or relax in a backyard with beautiful water features? Any buyer would love a house that has stunning exteriors so it’s exactly what you should do. For one, it’s best to install lights leading to your entryway because it sets the mood for your front yard and also makes walking on your driveway or sidewalk safer.

To know your options on lighting systems and other outdoor products, find out more here. You can also invest in beautiful water features in your garden such as a pond or a fountain that will not only make your kerb more attractive but also add value to your property. Find out more here. Now, how’s that for a good investment?

In the end, selling a property fast boils down to the right strategies. And with the stiff competition that you have, it would be a very good move to invest in these steps to increasing your home’s kerb appeal.