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Our Sustainability Mission

Phillips Joinery are committed to social and environmental sustainability. The very nature of our business is environmentally friendly. Our bespoke services mean there is no waste from mass-produced stock; all our projects are individual. Due to our high aims of production quality, your items last much longer and reduce the need for repairs or replacement. Furthermore, wood is the only truly renewable building material. The timber trade has led to a growth in managed forests, particularly in Europe (Source: ). It also reduces the reliance on PVC for buildings, cutting out disposable hydrocarbons and the toxic pollutants that come from the processes involved in plastic.

We have been certified members in Chain of Custody for both the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) FSC® C092575 and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) PEFC/16-37-1094 since 2010, and are regularly assessed to ensure we meet these high standards of procedures. We aim to increase the use of certified wood by promoting these organisations and their benefits. By purchasing products with these logos on them, you are supporting responsible management of the world’s forests.

We have ISO 9001:2015 qualification for quality management and customer service.

Most of our treatments and coatings are water-based, reducing the need for harmful chemicals which are damaging to both people and the planet.

We are transitioning away from our use of single-use plastics in the wrapping of our products, opting for more eco-friendly options, including Paperble™ paper bubblewrap, corrugated cardboard, reusable edge protectors and reusable rubber bands.

Our wood offcuts are stored and recycled for use in our biomass heaters during winter.

The sawdust collected from our extraction system is sold to a local farmer for animal bedding. All salvageable scrap metal is donated locally for remoulding. Our paint waste is removed by Safety-Kleen, and paint cans are collected by Crown Paints.

The waste we dispose of is collected in skips by Peak Waste, where they sort it into materials. 85-90% of this waste is then sold on for repurposing. What cannot be recycled is incinerated at waste-to-energy plants in the EU. This means none goes to landfill, and most is re-used in other products.