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Phillips Joinery LTD Terms & Conditions of Sale

All Orders


  1. All prices overleaf, unless stated, are exclusive of VAT (fixed for 3 months). VAT will be added at the rate at the time of invoice.
  2. Prices are based upon all items being ordered in one batch, excluding alternatives. If all items are not ordered in one batch, we reserve the right to alter prices prior to the order being placed.
  3. Prices exclude delivery on orders below £ 500.00. The charge for delivery is available on request in these circumstances.
  4. Deliveries are made by a single driver and any anticipated assistance required on site with larger items is the responsibility of the customer. If customer arrangement of help is not possible then please request a price for additional assistance to be sent with our driver.
  5. Prices are based on PJL standard specification, unless specified. Any variation from sizes, styles, timbers etc… listed may result in alteration of the quotation. Windows are generally for direct glazing unless stated. Standard sectional drawings are available upon request.
  6. Drawings will be produced for client to check all details and sign as approved. Any queries should be raised prior to the drawing being signed.


  1. Unless stated, on supply only orders, all glazing is supplied loose with no seals, compounds, tapes etc. supplied. A pre-glazing option is available upon request.
  2. Glazing shall be 4-16-4 low E, argon filled, warm edged spacer unless stated to the contrary; safety glazing is provided to critical areas (where known) to comply with current building regulations.


  1. All windows have PJL standard brass ironmongery included and fitted, unless stated to the contrary. Different colours and options are available.
  2. Supply only doors and frames are supplied without any ironmongery unless stated to the contrary, prices are available upon request. A pre-hung price with either British Standard 5 lever locks or multi-point locking systems is available upon request. We would strongly recommend the use of multi-point locking on external doors.
  3. All joinery on our drawings is drawn when looking from outside of the building. Points on handing arrows always point towards the hinges.

Deposit, order confirmation and final payment settlement:

  1. A 50% non-refundable deposit of the total order value is required prior to the commencement of manufacture.
  2. We allow a seven day cooling off period from receipt of the order before processing orders. During this time a full refund will be given should you change your mind. On express jobs therefore may be a need for the client to waive this right in writing to enable the order to be processed more quickly.
  3. If full settlement is received at the time of order confirmation, we can offer a 2% discount of the total order cost.
  4. Written confirmation of approval of the specification submitted is required prior to manufacture. A copy of the anticipated manufactured order is sent as soon as practicable and must be checked and signed by the customer. Any queries must be raised at this time.
  5. Receipt of deposit is acceptance that all details are correct for manufacture.
  6. If a site visit is required to confirm dimensions, then the cost of this is included within the quoted price. Dimensions on orders are then at our responsibility.
  7. The availability stated is from when all details and deposit have been settled. We are unable to programme any manufacture of orders until all details and the deposit are settled. Availability quoted is not guaranteed. And we are not liable for any incurred costs from this availability being relied upon.
  8. Final settlement of account is due in at the time of delivery/collection, or within 7 days of invoice if agreed in writing prior to delivery/collection.

Decoration and timber selection:

  1. All external items supplied (unless otherwise requested) will have a protective coating before leaving the workshop. This is a temporary protection coating and we stress that final decoration of items must be carried out without delay to ensure the minimum of timber movement within the item.
  2. Staircases are always sent with no decoration.
  3. If you know what your final paint / stain finish will be in terms of colours and product then please notify us and we will select a suitable base stain to ensure compatibility. We generally use Sikkens, Sadolin, Dulux, Osmo oil or Teknos products within our manufacture. Other products may result in an additional charge being levied.
  4. In the case where ‘full finish’ is quoted, this will be as a combination of shop and site decoration as we consider fit for purpose and could be brush or spray application, unless expressly agreed otherwise.
  5. Full care details for joinery products are available upon request.
  6. We do where applicable allow for colour matching within timber, however we cannot condemn a piece of timber because of its colour alone. If you have any concerns regarding the timber species quoted for please request a timber sample for approval.
  7. We select and use high quality materials, but it is inevitable with certain species of timber that knots will be seen on the finish of joinery components. Knots may remain active, inactive, or may be re-activated by heat from the sun, moisture ingress etc. It is not possible to assess in to which category that individual knots fall into and therefore it is impossible to guarantee that the surface finish on joinery will not be locally stained or disrupted in a small percentage of cases. If knots are active then they may cause localised staining or liquid resin may exude from the same. In either case, a repair may be carried out. If resin is visible on the surface then it is advisable not to disturb this until the substance has crystallised. After this the resin can be removed more easily and a repair can be carried out. The selection of a dark finish will increase the risk of knot problems because dark colours absorb more energy from the sun. We cannot be held reasonable for knot performance and if this is a concern for you then we can recommend cost effective knot free products as an alternative.
  8. We are able to offer most products with Chain of Custody Certification as proof that they are from sustainable sources under either P.E.F.C and F.S.C certification. This should be specified at the time of enquiry.
  9. We cannot be held responsible for any problems with items that have not been treated correctly after their supply.

Building Permission and Compliance:

  1. It is the customer’s responsibility to gain any necessary building permission, we cannot accept any responsibility for this not being the case. However, should you require assistance within this matter, we are willing to assist.
  2. Where the works allow, we will offer a FENSA certificate to prove that the works are completely compliant with current building regulations. Please ask for this at the time of order, as we are unable to give retrospectively. If you require any advice on what is needed in order to make your works compliant, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  1. We offer the following guarantees on our products. All times stated are the later of date of supply or installation. Hardwood and Softwood Windows – 10 years against rotting providing that adequate and regular surface coatings are applied. Glazing – 5 years against the failure of hermetical seal ( i.e. misting between panes), provided installed by us or correctly installed by others. Ironmongery – 12 months manufacturers warranty for locking mechanisms and hinges subject to regular maintenance by customer. Plant on beads are covered by ironmongery guarantee. Cosmetic deterioration to handles etc. due to general wear and tear are not covered by this guarantee.
  2. Movement can occur in timber products with changes in temperature and humidity. Timber is selected for the final use situation and not necessarily for site conditions during installation. We cannot accept any liability for natural movement caused by extremes of site conditions. Distortions of up to 5mm in any direction are deemed to be within manufacturing tolerances. Any guarantee only covers the following criteria: doors not exceeding 915mm wide and/or 2135mm high, window lights not exceeding 600mm wide. Further, guarantees are considered void if the product is not correctly installed, or fitted ironmongery has not been used correctly – i.e. bolts and locking systems.
  3. These guarantees exclude consequential loss.

Ownership of goods:

  1. The customer takes full responsibility for all goods on their own premises whether installed or just stored. Ownership of goods remain with Phillips Joinery until items are paid in full.


Installation works

  1. Installation works include delivery.
  2. Whilst installing items we will fit/replace items with the minimum of disruption and minimise the damage caused as a result of our works.
  3. Any plaster, render or brickwork movement as a result of our fitting will be made good by our installers. Please note that the level of repair may not be up to the work of a professional in that field. Prices for this could be arranged upon request. Internal decoration to plaster is not allowed for unless expressly stated.
  4. We allow for the removal and disposal of extracted joinery and associated items, should you wish to keep any items then please let our installers know prior to extraction.


A larger version of these terms are available upon request.