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Basic Maintenance Steps to Keep Your House in Good Condition

Regardless of how costly or how beautiful your house is from the moment you bought it or have it built, time will come that it will depreciate and lose its value – that is, if you are not keen about maintaining and preserving its beauty.

So, if you think that acquiring bespoke joinery services is best for your property, then don’t think twice about it. Consider other maintenance steps as well.


Regular home check-ups

Roof repair, tree lopping and wood floor sanding – services acquired from specialists in London – help keep your house clean and less susceptible to damage. You should also consider these maintenance tips at least once a year:

  • Examine the condition of the paint and other external protective coatings.
  • Look for slipped or damaged tiles or slates as well as other roofing issues.
  • Clean downspouts and gutters at least once a year.
  • Have the central heating system inspected by a professional.
  • Get a wood floor sanding service in London to make the interiors shine like new again.
  • Determine if antique wood floor sanding works for other areas in your home.


When it comes to the garden, here are some daily or weekly maintenance steps.

  • Trim dead leaves and overgrown shrubs, especially near the windows.
  • Lay flowerbeds or plant containers with mulch to prevent the soil from eroding, especially during downpours.
  • Install fencing around the garden to protect your plants from animals.
  • Install a secure gate system around your house to prevent burglars from snooping around.


Proper Ventilation

According to a study, a family of four to five persons can release at least ten litres of water vapour into the home, depending on their daily activities – e.g. cooking, showering, washing and so on. Water vapour forms condensation, which can lead to problems. You can lessen the effects of moisture through proper ventilation.

Here more insights on ventilating your house:

  • Opt for windows with built-in vents to keep the air flowing inside.
  • Set up extract fans in damp areas such as the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Install heat exchange ventilation as energy-saving option.


Aside from the things mentioned above, there are other unique home maintenance tips you can apply:

  • After taking a shower, ventilate the bathroom while keeping the door closed to keep the water vapour from spreading around your house.
  • Do not cover your radiators with clothes or curtains so it will not stop the heat from circulating through the air. This can help from the formation of condensation and mould in your house.
  • The temperature inside your home should not go down below 16oC because this can stop condensation from producing.


Take note of these tips to keep your place from getting damaged easily. Remember that clutter, poor maintenance and dampness are among the common factors that expose a house to easy wear and tear.