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Adding More Storage in a Small Home

Wondering what you can do with a small plot of land?

If you hire skilled and knowledgeable professionals, similar to builders in Christchurch, you won’t have to worry a thing. With years of home construction experience under their belt, you can bet that they can build a beautiful and spacious-looking house, one that meets your needs and specifications. Such is one of the advantages of having new homes built in Christchurch or somewhere else.

There’s just one downside, however. A small home means less storage space. If you happen to have accumulated lots of stuff over the years, this could pose a serious problem. Fortunately, there are solutions.


Make use of every inch of space available

What’s the next best option when a walk-in closet isn’t possible? Vertical shelves. If there’s still room left on top of an existing wardrobe, have open shelves added. You can then use them to hold items you rarely use. The same thing can be done in the kitchen – where you’re likely to have lots of utensils and whatnots, the living room and even the mudroom.


Go for built-ins

A shelf that’s built in wall cavities will surely make a room look and feel larger. After all, it won’t eat any amount of floor space. To pull of this type of construction, however, you’re going to need the expertise of bespoke joiners. From the design to the construction, they have the knowledge on how to create built-ins without shrinking a room.


Go for double duty

Because space is at a premium, your choice of furnishings must be multi-functional. A bench that doubles as a chest makes a great example. An overstuffed chair with a concealed compartment to store linens is another wonderful idea. As long as you work with professionals, specialising in bespoke joinery, going double duty is easy.


Bring dead spaces to life

If you look long and hard enough, you’d be surprised to find small unused spaces around the house. The corner where kitchen cabinets meet, for example, provide enough room to have a narrow shelf built or have a carousel added. Considering that a kitchen is one of the busiest places in the house, having more storage will reduce clutter significantly. It would also help if you learn some tricks on how to organise kitchen cabinets and storage systems.


Avoid using floor space as much as possible

For a door to swing in an out with ease, you have to leave room for it to move, right? What if you can take this out of the equation? You can then move the furniture closer to the door, so more room is made at the centre. This is where a sliding door plays a major role. You can do the same with the cabinets around the house and the wardrobe in your bedroom.

Own a small plot of land? No problem. With the help of skilled contractors, such as builders in Christchurch, and experts in joinery services, what small space you can work with, will become bigger and have ample storage.