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Decorating a Country-Style Home

Sometimes, glamour and sophistication in a home can become an overrated theme.

A lot of people these days want their places to look like overly decorated mansions. What they don’t know is that simplicity in itself is already beautiful.

So, if you’re planning to redecorate, avoid the usual elegant look and lavish furnishings. Instead, go for something simple and easy to pull off. Rustic or country theme, in particular, doesn’t require too much effort. Plus, you won’t have to spend much on improvements.

Here are some key elements to pull off this decorating concept.


Natural setting

Accordingly, a rustic house is usually found near the forest or close to a mountain stream. But you don’t actually have to move. Even if you’re living in the city, you can still create a laid-back, rural setting through wooden surfaces and materials.

For instance, go for wide-plank wood flooring, panelled walls and distressed ceiling beams. And don’t paint the surfaces. Choose materials like birch, oak and pine to emulate a tree house.


Dramatic furnishings

Wood planks, ceiling beams, wood-framed windows – all these woodwork elements already elicit a grand presence. Complement these with large-scale furniture and other furnishings.

The living room, for instance, could use a sectional leather couch in earth tones – e.g. dark chocolate, ebony and white. The dining room, on the other hand, may be furnished with a 12-seat table.

Take note also that layers and frills will make the interiors feel or look too chaotic. With that said, decorate with versatile pieces. One recommendation is to get in touch with a stockist of reindeer rugs as well leather and patched hides. Since they’re flexible, they’re perfect for various uses – as luxurious throws or snug floor covers.


Cosy ambience

Speaking of ‘snug’, create this feeling throughout the house. How? Let a specialist install a fireplace. But if this isn’t financially possible or isn’t ‘geographically’ practical – your region experiences warm climate most days of the year, install underfloor heating and radiator. Or, you can get a wood burner. These alternatives are cheaper and blend seamlessly with the rest of the decorations.


Repurposed accessories

As mentioned, you don’t have to spend much when decorating a rustic-themed home. If you’re going to allocate a budget for woodwork and new furniture, pick less expensive options when looking for complementary accessories.

Reindeer rugs or sheepskin cushions, for instance, offer great value for your money and are easy to obtain. Most importantly, they won’t get you into trouble with the authorities, unlike antlers and stuff animal heads. Plus, they don’t look creepy.

Other than versatile rugs or hides, some natural elements also make ideal decorative pieces. Pinecones, twigs, acorns and fern fronds – these look perfect in the living room or dining room. Place pinecones in a bowl and add a cinnamon stick for that wonderful autumn scent. Put fern fronds and dried twigs in a terracotta pot and then use as a table centrepiece.


In conclusion…

Improving your home doesn’t equate to costly projects and grand ideas. It could be simple like hanging a branch on the wall or practical like installing wooden window frames. When it comes to woodwork and joinery, our team at Phillips Joinery are ready to offer bespoke services.