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Door Care

Site Storage

Doors must be stored in a well-covered dry area at all times.


All doors must be sealed were exposed to the elements immediately. If conditions are not ideal an undercoat or second sealer coat should be applied.

Sealing should be achieved with good quality primer or clear sealer which should be applied to all surfaces exposed, including surfaces cut away for glass openings and ironmongery or timber exposed as a result of on-site fixing operations.

Handling and Stacking

Doors are delivered with secure banding (if necessary) and packaging. Unloading of doors by manual methods should always be carried out with adequate labour (two operatives) or alternative by use of forklift.

Doors should be handled so that contact with the ground is through the protection of kickers or pallets.

Doors should be stored flat at all times, this can be achieved by use of kickers the full width of the door, kickers should be placed within 300mm from each end plus additional kicker placed in centre of door.

Kickers should be covered with a base cover before stacking also top door should also be covered. Veneered doors should be stacked so that no part of the face veneer is exposed to UV light, this will eliminate shadow markings and discolouring occurring.